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Workers' education provides an accessible, holistic form of lifelong learning, focussed on improving outcomes for individuals and working people as a whole. WEA learning meets the needs of the people where other education providers do not — removing barriers and taking an active role in transforming society for the greater good. We empower learners to take leadeship of their communities, to achieve better standards of living and an improved quality of life.

By joining WEA, you'll support learning that challenges and inspires — education to build a better world.

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PUBLIC FORUM: The Future of Education - Wellington meeting
Flipped classrooms, e-learning, deregulation, lifelong learning... what does it all mean? In the age of globalisation, rapid technological change and increasing economic uncertainty, where is our education system headed? [Read more]

WORKSHOP: Workers' Education in the 21st Century - Adelaide [ACTU Trans-Tasman Union Education Conference]
As workers are increasingly forced to change jobs throughout life, what role can workers' education play in maintaining living standards and democratising the economy? [Coming soon]

PUBLIC FORUM: The Economics of Sharing - ​North Melbourne meeting
​Why are wages and living standards in decline? Why are governments going broke all over the world? Why is inequality growing, while jobs and public services are disappearing? [Read more]

PUBLIC FORUM: The Future of Democracy - ​North Melbourne meeting
Syriza in Greece, the Occupy Movement, Tahrir Square... what do recent popular movements have in common? And what does it tell us about how democracy will look in the future? [Read more]



WEA alumni include former cabinet ministers, Prime Ministers, and public figures - including John Curtain, Ben Chifley, Michael Joseph Savage, and
G. D. H. Cole. 

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