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“A better world - equal, democratic and just; through adult education the WEA challenges and inspires individuals, communities and society.”
   — WEA mission statement, adopted July 2012, London

The WEA creates lasting social change through education, empowering communities to organise for a more democratic, equal and just world. The WEA was instrumental in popularising the concept of the welfare state and full employment, with WEA members going on to pioneer these policies in government.

WEA alumni include former prime ministers John Curtin, Michael Joseph Savage, Sir Walter Nash and Peter Fraser; numerous British cabinet ministers and MPs including Keir Hardie, Hugh Gaitskell and Arthur Greenwood; and other public figures such as G. D. H. Cole and William Temple.

We continue this work today, with campaigns on issues such as economic justice and workers' rights, equality for women, environmental protection and international solidarity.

However, we receive no government funding for most of our work. We don't receive donations from rich benefactors or big business.

We're entirely reliant on donations from people like you, and we need your help now.

What we're for

Our role

  • Raising educational aspirations
  • Bringing great teaching and learning to local communities
  • Ensuring there is always an opportunity for adults to return to learning
  • Developing educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged
  • Involving students and supporters as members to build an education movement for social purpose
  • Inspiring students, teachers and members to become active citizens

A global commitment
We're part of the international movement for workers' education, educating the wider labour movement. As our international charter states, we're committed to educating for a better world, following these principles:

  • Social justice, fighting mass poverty and inequality
  • Democracy, opposing dictatorship, totalitarianism and chauvanism
  • Freedom of association and the right for workers to organise
  • Freedom of expression and an independent, diverse press
  • Equal opportunities, fighting racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination
  • Sustainability, in defence of peace and the environment

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